DTG – A company with a 50-year tradition in the design & manufacture of confectionery equipment.

Mission Statement.

DTG Limited supply tailor made products along with advice on the development of both the product line and finished confectionery to allow the customer the greatest return on their investment.

The ‘Finn’ name is recognised as the most efficient chocolate coating and polishing machine supplying countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient responsiveness to our overseas clients.

The DTG Heritage

DTG LIMITED Finn of Wirral, United Kingdom, is a company with a 50 year tradition of excellence in design, manufacture and supply of confectionery equipment. Finn represents the very highest standards of coating and polishing of chocolate confectionery, from peanuts and raisins to the smallest most delicate to the largest and all shapes.

The original Finn Belt Coater was produced in 1962 from a small workshop in Birkenhead, UK. Designed by Mr Frank Finn, the company supplied a variety of quality equipment which is renowned for its performance. A highly skilled and experienced team continue to deliver the same excellence along with development of innovation and technology to remain market leaders in belt coating and polishing and benefit from unrivalled customer loyalty of which we are very proud.
Today with hundreds of belt coaters in reliable daily operation globally, we continue to set standards with machines that increase production and lower the labour costs and training in panning enviroments. Now available in various capacities from 78 litres (54Kgs) to 710 litres (500kgs). Finn belt coaters are used to cover various centres with chocolate, yoghurt, chocolate flavoured compounds and development in sugar coating.


DTG Today


The DTG Team

Having settled into new premises our design and innovation team have collaborated to innovate and improve the machine with improved production times and delivery, ensuring project success. Growth of the business and involvement with universities and centres of excellence has allowed the highly skilled, experienced and motivated team to develop solutions the industry requires for improved performance.

Along with the commitment to deliver success DTG is company with a very positive future.